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Jury 2018 (currently being finalised)

tatsuo_jury Tatsuo Suzuki

JURY PRESIDENT [Japan] Tatsuo Suzuki is born in 1965 in ...

euv Elena Uljančić-Vekić

[Croatia] Born in 1971 in Pula. Graduated in 1996 from ...

tadashi Tadashi Onishi

[Japan] Tadashi Onishi is born in 1973 Tokyo, Japan. Photographing ...

Ania Klosek Ania Klosek

[Poland] Ania Klosek is one of the top influential female ...

cucchetto Angelo Cucchetto

[Italy] Event planner, photo critic and event manager, he lives ...

Vohra Rohit Vohra

[India] Rohit is one of Asia’s most prominent street photographers, ...

castro Pepe Castro

[Spain] Born in Madrid in 1963. Photographer and COO at ...

Patterson Bob Patterson

[U.S.A.] Founder and editor of Street photography magazine. “I love ...

Merlak Fulvio Merlak

[Italy] Born in Trieste in 1948, he takes pictures since ...

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