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Galleria 2014

The Horses Of The Revolution.

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At the Pyramids of Giza many people depend on tourism for their livelihoods, the animals that work for them depend on it for their very lives. After the Egyptian revolution of 2011 tourism collapsed in most parts of the country, in Giza, this had devastating consequences for the horse and camel owners, their families and their livestock. Working directly with tourists, giving them rides around the Pyramids, gave these men a relatively high income compared with many Egyptians and the number of animals swelled. Stables were everywhere in the local town and competition was intense. Then, after years of growth, nothing. The Cruise ships sailed past Egypt, the tour companies stayed away, excursions from the Red Sea resorts dried up, at the Pyramids only the locals and the dust remained, leaving hundreds of owners and thousands of animals with no livelihood. Ask any parent to make the choice between feeding their children or their animals.

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