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Jury 2014, Jury 2016

Raimondo Musolino

Born in Taranto in 1958. He began his professional career working in an advertising agency where he learned with serious professionists communicative possibilities of the video, but it’s the photography that intrigues him to make it his main passion. In 1992 he founded the photography club “Il Castello” (“The Castle”), which he is still president. Over the years he attended seminars and workshops that led him to teach photography in schools of all grades. He annually teach 3 photography courses, and he is artistic director of FOTOARTE, an event with some exhibitions of the greatest Italian photographers like Gardin, Lucas, Battaglia and Scianna.
He promote “Donne senza volto” (“Women without a face”), an exhibition where only women participate.
He collaborate with DD – Department of Education FIAF – Italian Federation of Photographic Association, which he is a member since 1991.
He was honored with the BFI – Meritorious Photography Italian and participates in platforms for reading portfolio. In 2011 he was the art director for Puglia of the project “Italian Passion” for the FIAF during the 150th anniversary of the Italian Republic.

Events and exhibitions:
– Immagini in vetrina (2000 – 2001 – 2002)
– L’isola che c’è (2004)
– La settimana santa (2006 – 2007)
– Collettiva soci circolo (2008 – 2009 – 2010)

– “Ali a Taranto”,

– Rivista “Militarla”



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