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» WINNER: more than € 1,500
» 1st ranked Portfolio: € 1,000
» Best Author: € 500
» New Buildings winner: € 500
…and many more!


» € 12 (1st photo)
» € 40 (Projects)
» € 20 (Books)
» € 50 (Bruce Gilden Prize)


» Single Photos
» Projects & Portfolios
» URBAN Book Award
» Bruce Gilden Prize


» Bruce Gilden [JURY PRESIDENT]
» Paolo Pellegrin [Portfolio jury]
» Francesco Cito [Book Award jury]
» Jérôme Sessini
…and many more!

URBAN 2021 Photo Awards Contest

An international photography competition now in its 12th edition.
A world wide platform on which to get noticed for photographers.
A tour of exhibits and an international photo festival in Trieste, Italy.
More than € 33,000 total prize value


Last chance to enter! Submissions will close in...


URBAN 2021 Photo Contest Timeline

01.03 » 13.06.2021

Registration open for Single Photos, Projects & Portfolios, Books

By the end of
June 2021

Selected Photographers will be published on the website in alphabetical order (not ranked). The photographers will have the chance to participate in summer exhibitions and previews as well.

By the middle of
July 2021

Semi-finalist Photographers will be published on the website in alphabetical order (not ranked): around 100 single photos, 50 projects & portfolios and 20 Book Award volumes will be selected.

By the end of
July 2021

Finalist Photographers will be published on the website in alphabetical order (not ranked): around 40 single photos, 20 projects & portfolios and 5 Book Award volumes will be selected.

By the middle of
September 2021

Winner Photographs will be published on the website in alphabetical order (not ranked): around 12 single photos, 3 projects & portfolios and 1 Book Award volume (in this case, the winner).

24 October 2021

The final ranking will be announced during Trieste Photo Days festival. The final ranking will then be published on URBAN website and Facebook page.


A Photography competition that turns into a Festival

URBAN Photo Awards is a photo contest that sees every year thousand of partecipating pictures and hundreds of participants from all over the world. It is an always growing international photography competition, one of the very few that goes “over the boundaries” of Internet offering to photographers real visibility through dozens of international photo exhibitions. Only in 2018 URBAN realized 47 exhibitions displaying about 950 pictures. URBAN's exhibitions culminate during Trieste Photo Days festival, which hosts the awards ceremony, the winners' collective exhibition of winners and several exhibits of the best ranked photos.

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