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2018 Prizes

URBAN 2018 total prize value is € 7.000
See rules for details.

Prizes are divided as follows:



* The prize value is 250 € and consists in a 3-night stay for 2 people only during Trieste Photo Days festival (last weekend of October 2017). On that weekend there will be URBAN Photo Awards Final Ceremony. If the winner is unable to come to Trieste he will not be able to redeem the prize differently.

3 winners and 2 Honourable mentions for each of the 7 thematic areas: Street Photography | Architecture & Urban Geometries | Urban Art | Transport | People | Urban Animals | Creative Photography

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Honourable mentions in each thematic area

  • medal


3 winners and 2 Honourable mentions

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Honourable mentions

  • medal

» Exhibition in Poreč Museum, Croatia (€ 1.000 value)

3 ranked projects from the “Projects & Portfolios” section – selected directly by the curators of the museum – will be displayed in Zavičajni muzej Poreštine, in Porec, Istria (Croatia), in Summer 2018 (tourist peak averaging 120,000 people in the summer time). Moreover, the Museum will release an official certificate of exhibition.

Prizes will be awarded before the end of 2017 as purchase options on major international online shops (purchase value expendable on Amazon, Pixmania, Redcoon and any other online store offering gift certificates or vouchers), net of tax.


» URBAN website
A large selection of the ranked pictures will be published on the gallery page of this website.

» “URBAN unveils the City and its secrets – Vol. 04” photo book
Finalists (140 single themed pictures + 20 Projects & Portfolios + best pictures) will be admitted to the selection to realize the fourth edition of Urban unveils the City and its secrets. The photo book, edited in September, will be presented during Trieste Photo Days festival the last weekend of October, and distributed by Urban/dotART cultural association.

» Publication on Burn Magazine
Our partner Burn Magazine will publish those Projects & Portfolios that – upon magazine’s decision – will distinguish for personal vision, storytelling and authorship. Series of photographs able to transmit elements of imaginary and life experience of the author. Will be taken into consideration for publishing even short Portfolios that have a body cohesive and coherent.

» Publication on EyesOpen! Magazine
Our media partner EyesOpen! Magazine will publish a selection of the winning photos and portfolios.

» Publication on QUO Magazine
Our media partner Quo Magazine will publish a selection of URBAN 2018’s winning photos and portfolios.

» Publication on Street Photography Magazine
Our partner Street Photography Magazine will publish the photos of the winners in each category in a special edition of the magazine. SPM will also interview the winner of the Street Photography category and make him the featured photographer of the month in the first issue following the announcement of the contest winners. August or Spetember 2018 (this is dependent upon SPM being able to secure an interview with the winner in enough time to meet publishing deadline for that issue. Otherwise SPM will run the interview in the next issue following the completion of the interview.

» Publication on DOC! Photo Magazine
Our media partner DOC! Photo Magazine will publish a portfolios which they found intersting for the readers.

» Publication on Silvershotz
Our media partnerSilvershotz will publish a selection of the winning photos and portfolios.

» Publication on Cities vol. 4
Our media partner Italian Street Photography will publish a selection of the winning photos and portfolios on Cities vol. 4.

» Interview on APF Magazine
Our media partnerAPF Magazine will interview the contest’s winners.

» Interview on Insomnia Collective
Our media partner Insomnia Collective will interview the contest’s winners.


The highest placing works (35 pictures + 1st portfolio) with be published on the competition’s website and will be displayed in a collective exhibit on October/November 2018, in Trieste during Trieste Photo Days 2018 festival. The printing of the photos will be the responsibility of dotART. Some of the entered photos may in addition be selected for exhibits in Italy and abroad.



Our technical partner Think Tank will offer:

See rules.


Ix logo

Our technical partner Innovatronix will offer:

See rules.



Our technical partner Stroppa will offer 1 strap (€ 33 value) for each winning photographer. See rules.


issue62cover1536-200x268Our media partner Street Photography Magazine will offer 1-year subscritpion to the web version of the magazine for each winner (€ 20 / USD 23.88 value).



Each prize winner will receives a 12 month Platinum online subscription to Silvershotz valued at USD$50. Includes access to 70 magazines in their archives and all new bi-monthly magazines for a year. The magazine is a multi platform app. Each winner will be asked to submit folios to be considered for their own individual feature in the magazine.

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