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Guidelines Photos / Projects / Books


Personal Profile

  • Before you can upload the images you must fill in all the mandatory fields of the personal profile.

Single Photos

  • Click on “My Picutes” > “Upload Photos”, select the images and upload.
  • Important: remember to assign a thematic area to each photo!.
  • Once assigned the thematic area, the photo will be automatically loaded in your “cart” that will calculate the registration fee.
  • You can assign a category to each photo.
  • If you do not assign a title, the photo will automatically be titled “Untiled”.
  • You can change the title and category to the photo at any time until the registration closes.
  • You are free to add new photos until the registration is closed.
  • You can register the photo in more Thematic Areas. In this case, the work will be counted as a normal additional photo.


  • Click on “My Portfolios” > “Upload Photos”, select the images and upload.
  • Assign the title and description to the project. Remember that the project will be submitted to an international jury: write a title and description in English (you can help with Google Translate).
  • Once you’ve uploaded the photos you can drag them in any order you like.
  • Remember to choose the cover image of your project.
  • You can change the title, description, add / remove photos to the project at any time until the registration is closed.


  • Click on “Book Award” and then click on “Add Book”
  • Assign the title and description to the book. Remember that the project will be submitted to an international jury: write a title and description in English.
  • Upload your book through the Dropbox link
  • Contestants will have to upload a so-called dummy, a draft of the book in pdf format, with a clear structure, even if not well-finished or ready to be printed yet.
  • If a pdf format cannot be provided, single photos can be submitted, as far as they are renamed in sequence and gathered in a single zip folder.
  • Contestants can submit up to 3 books each.
  • Maximum size of the pdf or zip folder: 100 MB.
  • The suggested paper sizes are: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm, vertical or horizontal) or square (22 x 22 cm). If the winning book is of a different size, dotART reserves the right to adapt it to the ones mentioned before.
  • Authors are free to create the layout of the book as they please, to employ text and to choose the photographic style they prefer.

Please note

  • Both color and black and white photos are allowed.
  • Post-production and an imperceptible photo editing are allowed.
  • Post-production and “invasive” photo editing are free only where explicitly specified in the regulation.
  • No photos with signatures, watermarks, frames or marks visible on the image are allowed.
  • No photos or images deemed to be offensive are allowed, according to the sensitivity and the unquestionable judgment of the jury.

Technical specifications

  • .Jpg format (attention to file extension No to “.jpeg” extensions and not even TIFF, RAW, etc.).
  • RGB color method.
  • Single photos: files must be less than 10 MB each.
  • Projects: the files that make up the projects must be less than 10 MB each.
  • Minimum size on the smaller side: 2000 px / maximum size on the longest side: 6000 px.
  • In the Portfolio section, to be sure that the order of the photos is correct, add the numbers in the desired sequence to the file name (eg “filename01.jpg”, “filename02.jpg”, “filename03.jpg” …).

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