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“New Buildings” prize shortlist announced

Matrix4design “New Buildings” prize Jury has compiled the shortlist of 30 photos selected from over 100 in the competition.

Congratulations to all the selected authors, who we meet in mid-July for the announcement of the finalists of the special prize!

The “New Buildings” award is dedicated to architectural icons that have changed the face of cities in the past ten years. The images were selected by the Matrix4Design editor Andrea Boni and the photographer Federica Nardese.

“Photographers who try their hand at architectural photography always amaze me,” said Andrea Boni. “They have the ability to see and enhance the shapes of the buildings. What I am looking for in this type of images is precisely the artist’s ability to grasp the essence of the structure, integrated into the surrounding environment.”

“The building is the real protagonist of the shot”, continues Federica Nardese, “together with the point of view of the photographer who created the image. All the selected photographs have, in our opinion, a narrative and technical synergy that speaks of the building in its context in an innovative and photographically exciting way. ‘New Buildings’ means highlighting the innovative strength of a building in the urban fabric of a community, of a city. Our attention has therefore gone towards all those aspects that have knew how to enhance both the building itself.”

The winning photo, which we will announce in September, will be exhibited at the final URBAN exhibition and will be published in URBAN unveils the City and its secrets – Vol. 06 photographic volume, which will contain the best of the 2020 contest. The author will be hosted for 2 nights in Trieste during the Trieste Photo Days 2020 festival to attend the award ceremony. Matrix4design will also publish an interview with the author.

URBAN 2020: Selected Photographers

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