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Lightning Hunter

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Lightning or people, were both energy that manifest in different ways Hunting lightning means getting into the storm as close as possible to photograph the power and strength of nature along with the beauty of our civilization and watch them coexist in the same frame. My creative needs and the quest for adrenalin showed me the opportunity of capturing lightning in a unique way. The idea is to get them as close as possible and in a known context with which we can feel identified, in this case iconic building and monuments from Mexico City. The most impressive experience Ive been at was the storm in Ciudad Universitaria on October 5th, 2014, it is the closest Ive been to a positive strike, the most deadly of all. The amount of energy it generates can heat the air around it up to 30,000C, thats five times hotter that the surface of the sun and it is that abrupt change in temperature what produces the powerful sound that we all know as thunder. When Im in the middle of a storm and lightning strikes, everything goes in slow motion, you can see the complete journey of it, see how it turns the night into day for an instant and feel how the thunder makes everything around you resound. It is an intense moment, joy and fear makes you shudder with an unusual combination of emotions that feeds your soul... Each lightning strike is unique and very few times can we see them carefully in urban areas. Through photography we can admire their beauty, their chaotic shapes known as Lichtenberg figures, understand their magnitude, their closeness with us and even hear them...

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