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Roots - Family Tree

This project - research is a tribute to my father's photographic journey, which he has devoted passionately to photography and the domestic development of slides and to the darkroom press, gradually abandoned over the years due to family commitments and working.It's about my first memories of photography, her face behind the lens, the projector fan noise, the warmth of the lamp in the dark winter evenings with friends, the smell of the empty film box, the smell of acids for development and printing, the mysterious charm of the improvised darkroom in the home closet.So I decided to project some of that slides in a familiar photographic context for me, trying to find my picture in my father's pictures, try to figure out how much her photographic work has influenced me.Doing so I decided to use its lens (also used in some of the projected photos) the original Minolta Rokkor 1: 2.8 f = 35mm mounted on a full frame digital camera body, trying to maintain the same image ratio, the same "mood".In this sense, I consider the project an inner quest for my being a (photo)amateur: by projecting slides into places of my present life and places of memory, mixing visions from father to son, I have tried to examine my visual-cultural background, my DNA-Photo to see if it is true that "an apple never falls too far from its tree".

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