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Foreign Tourists In Italy

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In Italy there is the largest number of cultural and artistic heritage in the world while the Public Expenditure of the Italian State about culture was in 2012 equal to 1,1% of its GDP against an EU average of 2.7% bringing Italy to the penultimate place (worse only makes Greece) in Europe. All it contrasts with the money flow of foreign tourists arriving in the beautiful country spending in the same year not less than 32 EURbillions and making Italy the 6th country on the planet for tourism turnover (data il Sole 24 ore Economical Newspaper) . The ease of to low-cost travelling allowed also emerging countries to push up the worldwide turnover of tourism till to 1000 billion dollars. We are all a bit tourists and Italy is still the "beautiful country" even all the Italian TV News talk that the only possibility to have a better economy is increasing the Industrial productivity and make more products while there is the "Product" that is already made and it is perfect to present, propose and sell to worldwide customers: our country with our cities, our colors, our history, our food, our wine and our creativity. The great Italian beauty is envied by the whole world, but not by us as well as Italians. Nevertheless something is changing: not only Venice or Rome, but also Milano are looking for the turism instead Industries that already closed their plants several years ago as Pirelli, Magneti Marelli, Breda, Falck and Innocenti... EXPO 2015 could be not a mistake. Thank you foreign tourists!

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