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On The Shore

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My work takes a critical view of social issues in relation to human rights violations. But I always try to stay away from the purely journalistic event. I want to know and show the anonymous people who suffer in their own skin. I'm curious about human nature and the ability to react to the difficulties. The serie "On The Shore" seeks precisely this personal encounter with those who have suffered the terrible experience of war. I traveled to the beaches of Lesvos Island (Greece), where half of the million people reached Europe in 2015 fleeing from Middle East conflicts and wars took the first step in European land. I found there hundreds of journalists and photographers. I had to contain myself to avoid the media show. I waited the refugees to regain their breath. Waiting for the right moment in which gestures of these people talked to me about them, about their past. I always liked the idea of a portrait that does not speak of the present. As the starlight that comes with delay, sometimes what we see in a portrait tells us about the past. In On The Shore I look for what these people left behind. I saw broken people hit by the saltpeter war. I think their eyes were united by the same beat. I saw the confused gesture of those who still shake the scars left on the skin, without being able to see yet what the future holds. This shore became border. It is a horizon crushed between two skies. The Mediterranean Sea was for centuries a meeting point of different cultures, but now is a barrier, an insurmountable wall for the many more who lost their breath in it.

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