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Gallery 2017

Ordos, The Chinese Dream Became A Ghost City

10 years ago, the Chinese government began the construction of a new ultra modern and futuristic city in the middle of the desert, investing a billion dollars. The reasons were several: the discovery of one of the largest coal reserves, the Chinese dream to bring people from rural areas to cities, to improve their quality of life, and financial speculation that led to invest in real estate. But something went wrong… In fact, Ordos is not an isolated case in China, dozens of neighborhoods and entire cities have grown in recent years from nothing due to the speculation, and they remain empty, creating a serious problem for the Chinese government. The crisis of coal began in 2012 with the collapse of its price, due to the simultaneous change in energy strategy dictated by the Chinese government. That means less energy from fossil fuels and more investments in renewable energy. Several coal companies closed and thus slowed down the exploitation of coal mines of this area. Besides, the great Chinese plan to transfer 500 million people from rural areas in all China to the big cities is definitely going slowly. Most people do not want to leave their lands, the place where they were born, even if they are lured by the sirens of a qualitatively better life. For those reasons Ordos is now an empty container. Currently Ordos City can accommodate 1 million residents but to date, despite the efforts and incentives put in place by the Chinese government, only 30 thousand people live, practically a ghost town.

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