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Gallery 2017

My Mum

I have started photographing my mum at the time she was seriously sick, until she is recovered. I want to record  some moments forever, not only in my mind and heart, but also in a tangible shape.  I was very sorry that I couldn’t take photograph of my father in the last two years before he passed way. I couldn’t sleep well and was very stressful during that time.  Then, I have  put full energy to take the photograph of my mum.My mum, 83 years old, is a carrying wife, a dedicated mother, and a woman with strong will and mind. She learned herself, become a successful literature researcher and critic, with her famous works she has got an award granted by the Vietnam Writers’ Association.She has two sons – my big brother and myself. She has managed to raise her kids successfully, despite huge difficulties during the war-time.         My family was enjoying a peaceful life, until one day in late 2012 when my father was  getting sick. During his illness my mum took care of him every day, at the hospital or at home. She has never complained a word, even thought  she was exhausted by taking care of him. Since My father passed away, my mum got pain with the osteoporosis and spine osteoarthritis (symptoms). She could not move so all personal activities such as eating, hygiene were carried out in bed. We had tried all possibilities to cure her such as: injections, acupuncture, applying herbal medicine to her back... Over time she was getting better, and now she is able to walk and handle things by herself. My mum does not feel comfortable  in front of camera but she does this for me because she really  loves me and thinks that what it is important for me, it’s important for her.The time I have started photographing my mum is the time I m connected tightly to her, to understand her more deeper ... And I've discovered many interesting things that I have never knew about my mum, the love of my parents ... My mum was keeping all the letters my dad sent when started falling in love  until they got married, and when my dad was on business travel. My project “My mum” has started in February, 2016, and it is in on-going progress.  The last thing I want to say is I feel happy when see my mum "healthy" every morning.

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