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Gallery 2017

Yearning / Ansia Viva.

Since I was young I grew up listening punk and rock music so it was a familiar topic to me. For this reason I decided to create a protographical project about the way of life of a punk group. I talked to the band about the "Ansia Viva" project and my interest to give a documentary evidence of the meaning of  "to be a punki" with a view from inside the group.Between the years 2014 and 2016 I were to their concerts, rehearses and their meetings. I created a confident atmosphere that allowed me to be something similar to another member of the group. In adittion, I was interested on finding adult punkies who lived and will live  forever on the punk philosofy. I wanted to show their day by day life (their couples, their sons, drugs, music, etc) and, over all, their disagreement with the society, sometimes very close to the hate.Currently I have got the intention of making a book documenting punk movement.

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