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Gallery 2018

Arrogance. Pride. Hubris.

Arrogance. Pride. Hubris.Man and the need to fill every space. Man and what is left of nature in an urban context. Man and the progress of technology, of society, of ideas.What is man, what is the purpose of his life in front of those skyscrapers, those big clusters of cement and iron, which, however, we persist in building? What purpose does it have to occupy every environment with constructions, to let itself be suffocated by dust? What purpose does it ultimately have to fill the sight with such buildings?Is not it the same arrogance, insolence, haughtiness, that technology in all its forms pours into our lives every day? Is not the same need, absurd and insistent, to keep busy at all costs? The mind, the sight ... Is it not a symptom of the lack of something, of someone, this insistence?

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