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URBAN 2019 Exhibit Previews – Details

Like every year, from the end of July, we start to take URBAN 2019 Ehibition Previews around Europe. We are trying to make URBAN one of the very few contests that goes “over the boundaries” of Internet offering to photographers real visibility through dozens of international photo exhibitions. There might be a chance for Selected Photographers to put up their photos in a personal exhibit (Portfolios) or in a collective one (Single Pictures).

Here you can view the report of the 55 exhibitions that we have set up last year.

Confirmed Exhibition Areas

  • “Territory Museum” of Cormòns (Gorizia, Italy) + official exhibit certificate
  • “Santa Maria in Valle” monastery, UNESCO site (Cividale del Friuli, Udine, Italy) + official exhibit certificate
  • Trieste Airport (Ronchi dei Legionari, Gorizia, Italy)
  • “Ristori” Theatre (Cividale del Friuli, Udine, Italy)
  • Bars and exhibition areas in Budapest and Cracovia
  • And especially Trieste Photo Fringe 2019 the “widespread festival” during our international Trieste Photo Days with a selection of best bars and similar venues in Trieste, Italy, to host the pictures (here you can find the 2018 exhibits). This means that those exposed in Trieste will be part of the festival with guests like Martin Parr and Nick Turpin.
  • + more venues to be confirmed


  • Exhibitions will be set up between the end of July and the end of October 2019 (during Trieste Photo Days).
  • All selected photos will be displayed in this range of dates. For organizational reasons we are not able to tell everyone exactly when and where: we will create a page similar to this one  with the authors displayed that we will update.


  • Photos will be printed in high resolution on a 60x40cm Forex hardboard with the photographer’s contacts (name, nationality, email, website).
  • The curatorship of the exhibitions is carried out together with the managers of the exhibition venues. For this reason we cannot guarantee photographers to be exhibited in a specific location rather than another. As far as possible, we will still consider their wishes.
  • The exhibition spaces are limited: we will give priority to those who first confirm their participation
  • dotART will keep the prints for eventually bring them to another location (for example: an exhibition that we had set up in Riga, Latvia, was moved in Sumy, Ukraine)
  • Remember to send high resolution files (RGB jpg without compression) to press@dotart.it, in case you have loaded them in low quality

Required fee

  • SINGLE PICTURES. We ask authors 35 € / photo inclusive of printing, transportation, exhibition setup and promotion (graphics and communication), photo reportage of the event, etc.
  • PROJECTS. We ask authors 250-300 € / project (it depends on the number of photos in the project) inclusive of printing, info panel (with name, nationality, email, website, project description) transportation, exhibition setup and promotion (graphics and communication), photo reportage of the event, etc.


  • Paypal to paypal@dotart.it or www.paypal.me/dotart. Causal: Urban 2019 Preview
  • Bank Transfer to dotART. IBAN: IT43F0306909606100000010209 – BIC/SWIFT: BCITITMM. Causal: Urban 2019 Preview + Your Name


  • If you already have clear ideas, please choose the number of photos and proceed with the payment
  • For more info and requests, please reply to the email you received (info@urbanphotoawards.com)

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