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URBAN 2020 Photo Awards… and the winner is?

Here we are! At the most awaited moment, the announcement of the Winning Photographers of the eleventh edition of the URBAN Photo Awards… as always in alphabetical order!


Overall Winner, Best Author, first ranked for each category and Honorable Mentions will be unveil on Saturday 24 October 2020, during the URBAN Awards as part of the Trieste Photo Days festival.

The ceremony will be held at the auditorium of the prestigous Revoltella Museum at the presence of the president of the jury Alex Webb together with Rebecca Norris Webb in video streaming, and with the jurors, present in Trieste, Nick Turpin, Miloš Nejezchleb, Ania Klosek, Angelo Cucchetto, Graziano Perotti, Fulvio Merlak, Claudia Colecchia and Laura Carlini Fanfogna.

We will also award and present the winning project of the URBAN Book Award, one of the big news of this edition. The award is a natural evolution of the past Trieste Photo Days Book Award which allowed us to “discover” and promote unique talents such as Tadashi Onishi, Hiro Tanaka and Ilya Shtutsa. Since the beginning of the Book Award, the mission has been to give the winning photographer the opportunity to produce their own photographic authorial project and to promote it internationally, which is also published as a paper volume by dotART / URBAN and officially presented during the Trieste Photo Days festival.

A medal will also be assigned to the winner of the New Buildings special award, born from the collaboration between URBAN Photo Awards and Matrix4Design, and dedicated to the icons of architecture that have changed the face of cities in the last ten years.

Among the prizes, there is also a prestigious exhibition at the Sartorio Museum in Trieste, up for grabs for the second year in a row by the Civic Museums of History and Art of the Municipality of Trieste. And shortly we will announce the 4 projects that will be exhibited here.

Regarding the exhibitions, Trieste Photo Days will host dozens of exhibitions with the best photos of the URBAN contest. In addition to the unmissable exhibition of the winners at the Xenia room of the Eastern Greek Community in Trieste, we will present a collective exhibition spread in a selected circuit of clubs in the city center (Trieste Photo Fringe).

In addition, the Photo Days Tour will offer a setting of events outside the city: this year we will make a stop in Aquileia (Palazzo Meizlik), Cormòns (Museo del Territorio), Sacile (Immaginario Gallery) and Milan (Solferino Lab).

A wide selection of the best photos classified in the competition will make up the sixth volume Urban unveils the City and its secrets, currently in production. The book will be previewed at Trieste Photo Days before the awards ceremony.

The contest URBAN 2020 closed on June 14th with record numbers: over 10,000 photos, 390 projects and 160 books in the competition.

And now, here are the winners of the URBAN Photo Award (by category and alphabetical order):

Single photos (in alphabetical order)

  • Andi Abdul Halil – Two Dimension
  • Andrea Cicchetti – Stay Home
  • Angiolo Manetti – Colored Cubes
  • Azim Khan Ronnie – Incense Workers
  • Bart Heynen – United Nations From The Series Gay Dads
  • Biancamaria Monticelli – Havana Blue
  • Dimpy Bhalotia – Urban Animal
  • Eduardo Citrinblum – Untitled
  • Forrest Walker – Line Up
  • Francesco Pace Rizzi – Beyond The Wall
  • Giuseppe Ulizio – Untitled
  • Harry Giglio – Approaching Storm
  • Joseph Ford – Untitled
  • Marzena Hans – Untitled
  • Maude Bardet – Untitled
  • Piotr Trybalski – Gymspace
  • Roberto Malagoli – Tra I Campesinos Di Vinales
  • Rodrigo Roher – L’Illa
  • Rosetta Bonatti – Modern Arabesque
  • Salvatore Favia – Battesimo In Puglia
  • Szymon Lewinski – Untitled
  • Ted Lau – Gymnasts

Projects & Portfolios (in alphabetical order)

  • Beniamino Pisati – Up There
  • Federica Zucchini – Lessico Famigliare (Family Glossary)
  • Md Enamul Kabir – Coexistence
  • Vincenzo Montefinese – Stuck In Serbia

URBAN Book Award (in alphabetical order)

  • Grzegorz Wójcik – Touch Of Woodstock
  • Toby Binder – Wee Muckers – Youth Of Belfast
  • Valeria Sacchetti – Journey To The Lowlands


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