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URBAN 2021 Award Ceremony with Bruce Gilden, Paolo Pellegrin and Francesco Cito

URBAN Photo Awards 2021 awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 30 October 2021 from 5.45 pm at the Auditorium of the Revoltella Museum as part of the Trieste Photo Days festival.

President of the jury Bruce Gilden will be in live streaming to reveal the Winner Overall of the Single Photos section and comment on the projects he has personally selected for Real People, the tribute book in his honor created in the context of URBAN 2021. Paolo Pellegrin and Francesco Cito will be present in the room to announce and reward, respectively, the best Portfolio and the winner of the URBAN Book Award.

Also prizes will be awarded to Francesca Pompei, winner of the “New Buildings” Special Prize, born from the collaboration between URBAN Photo Awards and Matrix4Design, and Harry Giglio, winner of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival Special Prize.

To find out who will be the first classified in each category, the Honorable Mentions, the Best Author and the Overall Winner, we give you an appointment on Saturday 30 October!

Winners exhibition will be open from Friday 29 October to Monday 01 November 2021 at Sala Xenia, the main venue of the festival. A selection of photos from Where Have The Birds Gone? by Nicolas St-Pierre (winning project of the URBAN Book Award) will be displayed at Biblioteca statale Stelio Crise, while hundreds of photos and projects from this year’s edition of the contest will be exhibited in the Trieste Photo Fringe venues.

Single Pictures (in alphabetical order)

  • A B M Nayeem Siddiquee – Untitled
  • Amir Arabshahi – His own world
  • Andrés Granollers – Untitled
  • Angiolo Manetti – Roman lights
  • Berin Aydın – Friendship
  • Forrest Walker – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Giancarlo Staubmann – Self portrait
  • Giulio Casti – Detachment
  • Giulio Cesare Grandi – Untitled
  • Helmut Oberritter – Gare de Liege-Guillemins
  • Istvan Kerekes – Untitled
  • John Twiname – Powerless
  • José Luis Nieto – Subida al Cielo
  • Joseph Ford – Dre and Tom, 2019
  • Laura Zalenga – Pop
  • Ludmila Stepnova – Urban winter recreation
  • Marcel Van Balken – Runner
  • Marcelo Cugliari – Untitled
  • Marzena Hans – Untitled
  • Maude Bardet – Untitled
  • Md Enamul Kabir – The Last Train
  • Paul Kessel – Untitled
  • Pietro Di Giambattista – Untitled
  • Rene Bernal – Young guns
  • Samuel Boivin – The Trocadero bathers
  • Szymon Lewinski – Untitled
  • Takrim Ahmed – Jumping time
  • Timo Lemmetti – Repel
  • Yuliy Vasilev – Central Park

Projects & Portfolios (in alphabetical order)

  • Gali Tibbon – Journey to Jerusalem of Africa
  • Joseph Ford – Invisible Jumpers
  • Luca Meola – Crackland
  • Selina Bressan – I carbonari di Serra San Bruno
  • Sittichai Maikupandin – Ordinary Place

URBAN Book Award

  • Winner Nicolas St-Pierre – Where Have The Birds Gone?

Bruce Gilden special prize (final ranking)

  • Winner Carlo Traini – Promenade
  • Winner Fabrizio Spucches – Working Class Virus
  • Winner Forrest Walker – Populous
  • Winner Giedo Van Der Zwan – Pier To Pier
  • Winner Maria Pansini – Saints, Thieves And Sailors
  • Winner Maurizio Leonardi – Napoletani Di Partenope (Neapolitans Of Parthenope)
  • Winner Paula Kajzar – See Me, Feel Me… Heal Emotional Transfer
  • Winner Simon Johansson – The World Shadow
  • Winner Stanley Robben – Craving
  • Winner Ximena Hinzpeter – My Own People
  • Honorable Mention Alessio Toce – Back Down North
  • Honorable Mention Andrea Scirè – Everyday Heros
  • Honorable Mention Gabriele Micalizzi – Malamilano
  • Honorable Mention Giancarlo Zuccarone – Italian Easter Rituals
  • Honorable Mention Jean-Pierre Baud – Urban Frontsides
  • Honorable Mention Maude Bardet – Kaleidoscopy
  • Honorable Mention Mike Perry – Ikigai

We want to thank all the partners who contributed to the success of URBAN 2021 Photo Awards:

  • The Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture, for the invaluable support to our cultural activities
  • The Municipality of Trieste, for the support to the Trieste Photo Days and the URBAN 2021 exhibition-prize at the Museo Sartorio
  • Matrix4Design, with which we created the New Buildings award
  • Triesce Science+Fiction Festival, with which we created the award dedicated to “science fiction photography”
  • Fujifilm Italia, for giving away a camera
  • Stroppa, for giving away his handcrafted shoulder straps
  • School of Creative Photography in Krakow, for giving away a scholarship
  • Vitec Imaging Solutions, for giving away Manfrotto tripods, Lowepro backpacks and JOBY mini tripods for smartphones.
  • PhotographyCourse.net, for giving away courses and interviews
  • Il Cigno GG Edizioni and the Study Center of Umberto Mastroianni’s work, for giving away an exhibition at the Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro in Rome
  • The Poreč Museum, for giving away an exhibition
  • Friuli Innovazione, which has been making URBAN medals and trophies for years

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